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Poetry || Two Poems (Ava Bird)

Just go with it I took her and ran with it in my mouth, I let it go with the flow inside a mind’s eye of third and center. Just breathe girl, breathe through the jabs of pains, through stretching out too thin and pushing

Poetry || Two poems (Trivarna Hariharan)

Mirage Your voice rests upon my palm like snow on a sunny afternoon’s window. Something; you say, something still feels quite right – just about right. And then the shield is lifted off both our eyes. Maybe we’re still looking for complete truths. The pure

Poetry || Once (Bodhi Ray)

She had once flown, clutching her desk and drawers, And as the clouds whizzed past. She caught a glimpse of God But the screams shut Him out She had once sat on a rainbow, with its colours melting All muddled up, until it was night.