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Feature || Television 2.0

Back in the equatorial timeframe of the previous century, the mode of popular, private entertainment that began to eat its way into the pantheon of leisurely visual pleasure had been a little thing called ‘television’. The ills and ails of the medium has been a

Poetry || Our Journey (Nikita Khatri)

Perhaps in this world of oppurtunities Where there are more men than hopes, there still lies a thousand different faces Hidden behind one soul. A walk on the path,  your journey what gave you, will draw you down certainly, What brings you back is the

Poetry || Two poems (Trivarna Hariharan)

Mirage Your voice rests upon my palm like snow on a sunny afternoon’s window. Something; you say, something still feels quite right – just about right. And then the shield is lifted off both our eyes. Maybe we’re still looking for complete truths. The pure