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Cinema || Phobia (Horror of the Times)

It would not be a tremendous exaggeration to state that psychological thrillers have lost their erstwhile charm. It is certainly, in part, due to a flooding of the genre with generic specimens and partly due to the insistence that the story be framed from the

Dis-illusions: A Treatise

Would you go so far as to term disillusionment a loss that beats the ferocity of death itself? The mistimed slashes of the sickle notwithstanding, death is a constant that one gradually internalises to expect and withstand with a ritualistic pinch of salt, as devastating

Editorial || Points of Disbelief

Any belief that induces a state of intellectual ecstasy is often diagnosed as an ailment, an aberration of the regular functioning of the rational, doubting self that compels an upright human to double up in devotion, suspending all notions of sensible judgment to revert to