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Theatre || Pornomochi

Pornographic discourses have ceased to be as scandalous or hushed as they used to be if we turn back the clock a little. It has, however, become even more ironical that a modern society which has so readily accepted sexuality in myriad avatars still has

Theatre || Guns n’ Roses (The Nature of Barbers)

As Kolkata theatre steadily sheds off its amateur hang-ups, creating celebrities and becoming an object of celebration in itself, it is time that theatre enthusiasts across the region also begin to peek further away from home and appreciate the burgeoning talent pool in the off-Kolkata

Special || Centenary: Shree Sombhu Mitra (1915 – 2015)

The transition of Bengali theatre from its purely commerce-based identity to where it was artfully employed by predominantly political outfits such as the IPTA (Indian People’s Theatre Association) as a means of communicating ideologies en masse, did not do much in lieu of working towards