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Opinion || Live from New Yawk

Jeb Bush’s campaign ad’s overarching accusation, though is that Mr. Trump is from New York. Within the span of one minute and 21 seconds we are reminded of where he comes from three times, his provenance presumably his greatest sin. The next time someone asks

Opinion || The Many Voices of Intolerance

“Opinion” and “Truth” – the coexistence of these two words in the same vocabulary largely implies the multiplicity of perceptions that form the backbones on which to rest what we generally come to term as the ‘truth’ – often tipping the real thing to the

Opinion || Indians, Asians and ‘The Martian’

The advent of globalization has ensured that one Sabu, an exotic man of strength or a bumbling Indian buffoon essayed by a criminally talented Peter Sellers is not enough to outline one of the most diverse races in world culture. Even if one excused the

Opinion || Of Awards and Premonitions

In lands of government by the people, the sort of award given out on the consensus of a band of juries hand-picked by elected representatives of the nationals is considered to the highest honours in their respective crafts. The idea to be remembered even centuries

Opinion || FEMEN – Naked Aggression

The assaults are not so much on the senses as they are on our sensibilities that prompt ‘classical’ feminists to raise a scandalous hue and cry over the breast-baring antics of the French (who never say ‘no’ to nudity) in response to the staging of

Opinion || The Celebration of Mediocrity

“It’s a disease. Nobody thinks or feels or craves anymore; nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfortable little God damn  mediocrity’   – Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road Celebration of mediocrity is no sin; it is, as expounded by Mr. Yates, but a