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Category Archives: Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction || Heir and Sea (George Salis)

She swam as a fish among fish, a scaled and finned body. The sound of the churning water like an echo chamber. Then she was neither fish nor infant, but unborn baby. Fetus-formed, she backstroked in the russet sea of her mother’s womb. She continued

The Fires upon the Tower (C B Droege)

Those who live in the surrounding villages simply call them “The Fires”. They tell stories of two invisible dancers who climb the tower each night in robes of flame. The figures dance from window to window, parapet to parapet, buttress to buttress. For miles around

Flash Fiction || Capsule Sleep (Saiful Rahim)

The bullet train had run a little late and thus Mehtab reached Tokyo slightly later than he had initially anticipated. The meeting had been a bigger bore than he was used to and quite naturally, he was sleepier than usual. The capsule hotel with its

Flash Fiction || Less than Three (Penelope Webb)

He was fond of expressing himself via distinct emoticons. He would frequently use the heart motif <3 to communicate his eternal love for Martha. The first time the technologically illiterate Martha saw that, she mistook it to be an old mathematical expression, subtly implying that