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Fiction || Charcoal Dream (Sabrina Binte Masud)

Harun stumbled out of the movie theater. The crowd leaving the building forced him out the door into the absence of rain. His leg muscles were shaking from the pressure on his back. Even someone like him couldn’t maintain his spot for too long. His

Fiction || Death of Valerie

“Hello. You can call me ‘The Voice’. I am non-human. This probably makes the ability to avoid passing judgements my most distinctive trait. I live through the ages, in quiet observation, which probably makes me a composed spectator. I am here to tell you a story but

Fiction || Obsession (Larry Lefkowitz)

My husband has been obsessed for some time with replacing gas fueled vehicles (“gas guzzlers”) with electric battery fueled vehicles. He is fond of quoting a Tesla Car forum user: “I got tired of being a sucker and paying for over-priced crude oil knowing the