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Editorial || Tragedy and Turnover

My city has suffered this spring. Terabytes of sympathy has poured in from all quarters, gigabytes more spent in dissecting the course of events. Tagging and retagging ‘exclusive’ videos that lose their sheen with each view, some bullying those that chose to virtually mark Kolkatans

Feature || Television 2.0

Back in the equatorial timeframe of the previous century, the mode of popular, private entertainment that began to eat its way into the pantheon of leisurely visual pleasure had been a little thing called ‘television’. The ills and ails of the medium has been a

Feature || Aagomoni – The Festive Days

October dutifully sees the city of Joy indulging itself to live up to its decorative title. Kolkata becomes a veritable city of joy in the seven-odd days of the Durga Puja and the several months leading up to it. Being the primary festival of the

Feature || ISIS & The Art of Culture Cleansing

Perhaps the most lasting aspect of factional terrorism is the amount of cultural genocide it inflicts, which not only scar a few generations but has a cumulative effect on the lives of every single future generation too. It this this deranged desire to rewrite history

Feature || FTII, Presidency & The Culture of Dissent

Expressing dissent, voicing one’s dissatisfaction has not only been a part and parcel of democracy but one of the very foundations of its existence. Throughout history, instances such as those in France circa 1968 or Bangladesh (Shahbag) only a year ago have consolidated the notion

Feature || The Rosogolla Affair

It has been a whooping 147 years since Nabin Chandra Das supposedly came up with the deceptively simple idea of letting dumplings of cottage cheese simmer in a pool of sugary syrup to give birth to a dessert. It is 2015 and that dessert by