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Category Archives: Editorial

Editorial || Of Poetic Infidelities

Would it be too ungrateful an act to claim that poetry refused to aid me at a time when I needed her the most? What constitutes infidelity in the realm of words, she asks me, especially when they are scarce spoken aloud or recorded and

Editorial || Broken Selves

How many live in you, Oh my mind, you know not. One paints in a fervour, While the other drenches in colours, And who spoils that picture, oh my mind! How many live in you, you know not! This hastily done translation of a famous

Editorial || Points of Disbelief

Any belief that induces a state of intellectual ecstasy is often diagnosed as an ailment, an aberration of the regular functioning of the rational, doubting self that compels an upright human to double up in devotion, suspending all notions of sensible judgment to revert to

Editorial || Resolving Resolutions

A contemplative cycle of reboot is what marks the start of every new year for a sizeable majority of the ‘thinking’ populace. It is marked less by the commencement of brand new values or resolutions, but by the reaffirmation of whatever one has come to

Editorial || The CultureCult Manifesto

It is never the right time. The right time is as we speak. Born in a society where there is no dearth of inherently good individuals striving to push the collective human race towards a higher state of cultural consciousness, CultureCult is yet another drop