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Book || Fall Winter Collections (Koral Dasgupta)

“Not very far away, Sanghamitra is busy with sweet nothings. Dark red flowers that locals call rudrapalash have changed the texture of the soil by covering it with their petals. Of and on, the tree disowns its overmature blooms and they fall on the ground to be picked

Memoir || Of Classics and the Neo-litterateur

One of the many advantages of having an English major for a mother was the introduction of classic literature at an age when most toddlers confuse their fairytales or stumble on their names. Besides, the Victorian manor I was lucky to grow up in had

Book || Death of Ethics in ‘Brave New World’

The year was 1932 and Aldous Huxley, a British writer, released a futuristic novel entitled Brave New World. In it he describes a dictatorship that maintains supreme control over society through sinister means involving genetic and pharmaceutical manipulation. Coined a “satirical novel,” of which Huxley

Book || Mrs. Funnybones (Twinkle Khanna)

The fact that Twinkle Khanna can be funny is no great revelation. Her delightful columns in two prominent national newspapers have already exposed her ‘funny’ bone to readers who have gradually come to accept her for more than her ‘star daughter turned “failed” Bollywood actress