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Theatre || Pornomochi

Pornographic discourses have ceased to be as scandalous or hushed as they used to be if we turn back the clock a little. It has, however, become even more ironical that a modern society which has so readily accepted sexuality in myriad avatars still has

Cinema || Meri Pyaari Bindu

Why does a section of Bollywood keep feeling the need to emphasize that women who fail in their creative pursuits can actually find themselves in the role of the successful woman when they become mothers? “Meri pyaari Bindu” does not manage to steer clear of

Cinema || Udta Punjab (Flying High)

‘Udta Punjab’ (Flying Punjab) has that distinct menace in its title that distinguishes it from run of the mill films on social issues. While most would invoke anger to get to their point, suffusing the narrative with dollops of sympathy and revolutionary spirit, they would

Cinema || Phobia (Horror of the Times)

It would not be a tremendous exaggeration to state that psychological thrillers have lost their erstwhile charm. It is certainly, in part, due to a flooding of the genre with generic specimens and partly due to the insistence that the story be framed from the

Theatre || Guns n’ Roses (The Nature of Barbers)

As Kolkata theatre steadily sheds off its amateur hang-ups, creating celebrities and becoming an object of celebration in itself, it is time that theatre enthusiasts across the region also begin to peek further away from home and appreciate the burgeoning talent pool in the off-Kolkata

Book || Fall Winter Collections (Koral Dasgupta)

“Not very far away, Sanghamitra is busy with sweet nothings. Dark red flowers that locals call rudrapalash have changed the texture of the soil by covering it with their petals. Of and on, the tree disowns its overmature blooms and they fall on the ground to be picked

Cinema || Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

When Batman begins to believe that God is dead, despite the miracles of a perpetual woman and an all powerful being from space staring him right in the face — THAT is his first step into darkness! If a timeline of the art of storytelling be catalogued,

Cinema || Bajirao Mastani (Bollywood at its best)

Celluloid storytelling of epic proportions, both in terms of grandeur of subject and lavish nature of productions,  is a hallmark of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, adored in the annals of Bollywood history as the maker of the sublime ‘Khamoshi’, the extravagant tragedy ‘Devdas’ and the

Cinema || Har Har Byomkesh (Death in the land of Faith)

Mysteries in matters of faith are certainly not as uncommon as celluloid adaptations of mysteries centred in the great city of faith; the religious capital of India, Varanasi. Director Arindam Sil’s imagining of Saradindu Bandopadhyay’s classic Bengali sleuth Byomkesh Bakshi, Har Har Byomkesh is no

Cinema || I kissed a girl (Queer Inversions)

Simple inversions often present a perspective that, in spite of retaining their inherent capacity to disturb the general notion of affairs, does not fail to generate a ‘general’ sense of novelty when presented in a pink little package for the very first time. A deferred