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Opinion || The Many Voices of Intolerance

“Opinion” and “Truth” – the coexistence of these two words in the same vocabulary largely implies the multiplicity of perceptions that form the backbones on which to rest what we generally come to term as the ‘truth’ – often tipping the real thing to the

Opinion || Of Awards and Premonitions

In lands of government by the people, the sort of award given out on the consensus of a band of juries hand-picked by elected representatives of the nationals is considered to the highest honours in their respective crafts. The idea to be remembered even centuries

Cinema || Black Mass (Darkness Unbound)

The primary challenge that any filmmaker has to contend with when one attempts to make a gangster flick is to live up to the unrelenting standard set by one Martin Scorsese. Since director Scott Cooper chose to make what can essentially be called a ‘semi-biopic’

Cinema || Mia Madre (My Mother)

That meta-films are a specialty of Nanni Moretti has been evident ever since the release of ‘April’ (1998). He followed it up with Il Caimano (2006). Moretti’s latest, the Margherita Buy starrer ‘Mia Madre’ goes further than he has yet travelled into the psyche of

Feature || ISIS & The Art of Culture Cleansing

Perhaps the most lasting aspect of factional terrorism is the amount of cultural genocide it inflicts, which not only scar a few generations but has a cumulative effect on the lives of every single future generation too. It this this deranged desire to rewrite history