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Editorial || Tragedy and Turnover

My city has suffered this spring. Terabytes of sympathy has poured in from all quarters, gigabytes more spent in dissecting the course of events. Tagging and retagging ‘exclusive’ videos that lose their sheen with each view, some bullying those that chose to virtually mark Kolkatans

Cinema || Bajirao Mastani (Bollywood at its best)

Celluloid storytelling of epic proportions, both in terms of grandeur of subject and lavish nature of productions,  is a hallmark of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, adored in the annals of Bollywood history as the maker of the sublime ‘Khamoshi’, the extravagant tragedy ‘Devdas’ and the

Editorial || Resolving Resolutions

A contemplative cycle of reboot is what marks the start of every new year for a sizeable majority of the ‘thinking’ populace. It is marked less by the commencement of brand new values or resolutions, but by the reaffirmation of whatever one has come to

Cinema || Talvar (Deconstructing the Filicide)

Bollywood has seldom shied away from condescendingly portraying the nation’s lawkeepers on screen. It has often managed to strike that particular nail by introducing a glaring exception to the ‘rule’, a protagonist who is often a larger than life superhero figure with the will and

Cinema || TeenKahon (Three Tales of Love)

The much speculated and lauded debut of Bauddhayan Mukherji is quite the novel idea on paper. Spanning an impressive one hundred years, Mukherji’s three tales of obsession would unite three vastly different stories from diverse eras to chart the course of a certain trait of