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Poetry || Expedition of Orpheus (Bipasha Chakraborty)

In a quest to seek certain answers, I mindlessly ran into the woods
The mystic darkness that touched the base, enlightened me as it could
I walked through the hollowness and silently called out for a companion
A dead poet’s abandoned Hope, was standing there in the oblivion

(Hope Spoke-)
“Fragile and futile were all his trials, but his perseverance never gave up
Although this world jibed at him, to a new dream, he always woke up
How uncanny the destiny is? To his fate, he could strive no longer
Death came uninvited, but on his grave, I forever stand as a guard of honor”

I bid Hope goodbye (or did I?), I could never really understand
My life is in shambles, in this mare’s nest, I surely will be damned
I gathered my courage, and walked; but this I could never foresee
On the next blind turn, in this dark forest, a preacher’s lost Faith was waiting for me

(Faith Spoke-)
“The more he preached kindness, the more this world treated him with ferocity
His sublime words of wisdom, was subjected to subterfuge vanity with atrocity
When I was lacerated inside him; he succumbed to this venom called ‘life’
I went astray; but either in reality or in fool’s paradise, I someday wish to revive”

I laughed at myself, but my heart cried out; brutal is an irony like this
Hastily I started rearranging my broken thoughts, fearing an emotional heist
“You are a clueless seeker, why being frail?” you are a mourning dove”
Thus called out from the end of a tunnel, a dying incarcerated Love

(Love Spoke-)
“Don’t approach me with those uncontrolled doubts, all of them will ricochet
Step further, only if you brought along that abandoned hope and that lost faith
The questions I am aimed at, uncharacteristically, have been long imprisoned with me
The faith in hope, the hope in faith, and their interlinked bond, carries the key”

Beyond all theories of life, lives a wanderer who seldom speaks or thinks
But against the laws of nature, that day; Hope Faith and Love were freed
I never looked back to validate whether those Magi were following me
Maybe it was a doubt on self, or I was consciously avoiding Orpheus’s Tragedy []

First Published in Issue Seven (Poetry Issue) of CultureCult Magazine
Image Courtesy: Comfreak