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Poetry || It ain’t a secret (Poornima Laxmeshwar)

It was a strange day
Like the usual everyday strange
His silence was unusually silent
Like the inner peace — scary, unneeded
He ate everything that was served on the plate
Without a whimper
Without the salt is less, it’s bland like your senses
None of it
He went ahead to read our daughter a story too
They had a good laugh and the echo lingered in my head
Like a clip of a horror movie
Not once did he look into the blinking mobile screen
He walked in our room with a broad smile
Asked me if I had a good day
Wished me a good night’s sleep
Though my shivers were enough to shatter the bed
Was this apocalypse?
That night when we lay on our sides
I knew his part of the story
I knew he had found a new home… []

First Published in Issue Seven (Poetry Issue) of CultureCult Magazine
Image Courtesy: Myriam Fotos