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Editorial || Points of Disbelief

Any belief that induces a state of intellectual ecstasy is often diagnosed as an ailment, an aberration of the regular functioning of the rational, doubting self that compels an upright human to double up in devotion, suspending all notions of sensible judgment to revert to the role of a dot in the damned herd.

It could be claimed that those afflicted by scriptural faith forget that they begun from a dot, and it is not the journey inwards but outwards that we have commenced with such universe-expanding ferocity. It was pointless to return to the dot, having faith in ‘nothing’ that we could  neither see nor inspect. Perception becomes a matter of opinion, the ‘point’ being the Euclidian primitive notion that must be built upon to create the multi-dimensional world of geometry.

Sans length, area, volume, the point has originally been “that which has no part”, a Euclidian turn of phrase that can reduce humanity to the Tolstoyan “six feet” of requirement. But then we forget that the Euclidian idea was not to reduce but to expand, an expansion of the mind that would illuminate, not amaze, confound or mislead impressionable listeners with stories of angels and demons.

And thus a section of the modern world denounced conventional faith.

Humanity refused to be mere points, developing advanced notions of the non-zero for themselves. Finding their inner light mirror the extant pull of electrons, they devised the Dirac delta to remind themselves that     despite being mere points, it would be their combined existence that would give birth to hitherto inconceivable human worlds.

The worlds they would be forged in chaos, creation unregulated, the coexisting real and unreal stifling the profound meaning of the straight line – that which can connect two estranged points.

The curves and the ellipses, the cycloid, the parabola; a hyperbolic spiral  or the dragon curve – waves of connections that result in abject chaos, a nightly treat for the eyes of a fictitious beast overseas.

We, the misled humans, would pray that the beast attains mercy while wasting away countless lives, burning the fuel within over nothing – inconsequential points of existence that would neither glow nor eradicate the bleeding ink in times of dark.

The path to salvation often begins at a point of disbelief that is hard to cross out; an argument that would transcend even the most primal of reasoning. It is the moment we break when we let there be light. []

First published in Issue #5 of CultureCult Magazine (Summer 2016)