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Editorial || Resolving Resolutions

A contemplative cycle of reboot is what marks the start of every new year for a sizeable majority of the ‘thinking’ populace. It is marked less by the commencement of brand new values or resolutions, but by the reaffirmation of whatever one has come to believe in an entire lifetime.

In a larger sense, these breaks in the seasonal cycle essentially work as points or centres of gravity around which the world can turn every year, no matter whether the rotational properties of the individual components themselves are up to date or not.

The turns in the screw may not always be for the better but they are certainly a ‘necessity’ in the course of time to keep the rust off the surface. A change – the sense of a new beginning, is a constant component in the annals of evolution – infusing hope in the myriad characters who have dared to brave the best and worst of times.

It is true that we merely mirror the transition of the seasons and movement of the planets in our obsession for calendar years.  However it happens to be a necessary pre-requisite for survival all the same. Busy in the art of living, we forget to count the number of times that our heart pumps blood to our extremities and thus, breaking time down along the lines of celestial objects help us keep track of our respective days and age, enjoying the wonderful impressions of kaal’ after managing to shed off its destructive connotations – becoming ‘time’ that is to be set in mechanical clocks or on papyrus to be hung in a public place.

Counting years helps us break eternity into coherent segments in which we can enjoy a semblance of ‘living’, despite the nagging nihilist within trying to convince us otherwise.

In an unfathomable universe devoid of scales and rules explaining the same, we have, as a collective race, decided to embrace time as a means of making sense of our very existence. The best thing to do now, therefore, is to make the best use of the compartments we have tailored for ourselves, inspired by the cycles of what lay around us and above in the stars – the very ones we had come to idolize as a primitive race of doe-eyed children.

It is that time of the year again to remind ourselves to make each such compartment a room of our own; to transform it into one which will bring us to this world or define success; where we endure the throes of internal conflict or embark on the quest of our lifetimes; where we eventually perish or manage to pull off a phoenix.

The possibilities are as many as one can imagine. Let this year be the one in which we can finally call ourselves ‘happy’.

Thus, it is only proper that we draw the line at the moment wishing all of our readers a very happy new year. []

First published in Issue #3 of CultureCult Magazine (Winter 2015-16)