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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Poetry || Our Journey (Nikita Khatri)

Perhaps in this world of oppurtunities Where there are more men than hopes, there still lies a thousand different faces Hidden behind one soul. A walk on the path,  your journey what gave you, will draw you down certainly, What brings you back is the

Poetry || Two Poems (Daniel de Culla)

In a Lamp In a lamp and in a bronze candlestick And in a carved stone in the Romanic time. Culla was Templars’ matrix house Where they developed intellectual powers: The collective bargaining, the business deal The double-dealing And the sexual intercourse And anything they

Poetry || Two Poems (Ava Bird)

Just go with it I took her and ran with it in my mouth, I let it go with the flow inside a mind’s eye of third and center. Just breathe girl, breathe through the jabs of pains, through stretching out too thin and pushing

Poetry || Two Poems (Brandon Marlon)

The Sultan’s Tent Veiled belly dancers gyrated, delighting patron and guests gorging on lamb and olives, rosemary flecks in their teeth. Feathery fronds spun awhirl as squirming houris charmed between swipes at matbucha or nips of steaming mint tea. Awaiting sizzling shish taouk, emirs traded

Poetry || Two poems (Trivarna Hariharan)

Mirage Your voice rests upon my palm like snow on a sunny afternoon’s window. Something; you say, something still feels quite right – just about right. And then the shield is lifted off both our eyes. Maybe we’re still looking for complete truths. The pure

Poetry || Once (Bodhi Ray)

She had once flown, clutching her desk and drawers, And as the clouds whizzed past. She caught a glimpse of God But the screams shut Him out She had once sat on a rainbow, with its colours melting All muddled up, until it was night.

Cinema || Talvar (Deconstructing the Filicide)

Bollywood has seldom shied away from condescendingly portraying the nation’s lawkeepers on screen. It has often managed to strike that particular nail by introducing a glaring exception to the ‘rule’, a protagonist who is often a larger than life superhero figure with the will and

Cinema || Blue Velvet (Blue Shades of the Dark)

“It’s like saying that once you’ve discovered there are heroin addicts in the world and they’re murdering people to get money, can you be happy? It’s a tricky question. Real ignorance is bliss. That’s what Blue Velvet is about.”                              – David Lynch Blue

Cinema || Rajkahini (A Subaltern Tale of Royalty)

Having had no shortage of Bengali friends attempting to shove in the face their ‘superior culture’, especially films, I have known for a while now that Indian cinema has historically been moulded and transformed into what it is thanks to the sincere effort of the