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Poetry || Two Poems (Daniel de Culla)

In a Lamp

In a lamp and in a bronze candlestick
And in a carved stone in the Romanic time.
Culla was Templars’ matrix house
Where they developed intellectual powers:
The collective bargaining, the business deal
The double-dealing
And the sexual intercourse
And anything they could go also:
Poems, ideas, dreams
With so many colors and textures
But ruining their lives
With misapplication and the anxiety to money
As it happens ever.

Sleeping Beauty

The illusion of “Sleeping Beauty” coming from her
Whose bones are of mist and ether
At the cataract of two wind falling
Where she is not and is not seen
In an instant remembering creation
Monstrous thunder and clouds
Where souls once again meet unhuman
And name each other
In the esoteric, mirror that lies invisibly
When the sea whiter coiled as wire
Because it comes from the beginning
As the lightening flash
Reconciled with the sky at dawn
Disappearing instantly
Into bliss.

Or as when Irving said 0he was just a poet
Going to sea reading
Jeffrey Delman’s “Dead time Stories”
Also known as Freaky Fairytales in the Film
Learning love through a decaying body
That happens
As kids die like beetles that route.

First Published: CultureCult Magazine, Issue Two: November 2015