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Poetry || Two Poems (Ava Bird)

Photo: Ava Bird

Just go with it

I took her
and ran with it
in my mouth,
I let it go with the flow
inside a mind’s eye of third
and center.
Just breathe girl,
breathe through the jabs of
through stretching out too
and pushing it too hard,
too much.
Wheels spinning,
trimming words down
to barenaked minimum;
Punch with spice
and this better be funny
You’re making me mad over
calls waiting and waiting
and waiting rooms for
and baggage begging to be
dropped off at the carousel;
to spin the tails on the clock
rounds and rounds,
betting on minutes
and scores for the games
of temporary winning,
and tie games
to go home with.

Glasses cling

glasses cling
smiles around
someone speaks
more smiles
glasses cling
to happiness
yes to our gifts
of moments of
here and now
glasses cling
for being here
happy faces
smiles over
passing the tests and graduations
the levels the ladders the checks
marks yes
transcendence and smiles
the deluxe box
up in the sky
Movin’ on up
glasses cling

First Published: CultureCult Magazine, Issue Two: November 2015