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Poetry || Our Journey (Nikita Khatri)

Perhaps in this world of oppurtunities
Where there are more men than hopes,
there still lies a thousand different faces
Hidden behind one soul.
A walk on the path,  your journey what gave you,
will draw you down certainly,
What brings you back is the thought of trying one more time,
because once given can’t be taken without his will.
On the way you shall discover,
what comes is all not true,
Half of them jubilant,
and half hideous will lead its way through.
But what is bizarre will also make you feeble,
only the true ones will hurt you more.
What is around you is exquisite, no wonder,
But times become solemn and secrets uncover.
And thats when you decide you have to let go,
of all the lies and the flaws.
Because what will bring you up is trying one more time,
as once given can’t be taken without his will. []

First Published: CultureCult Magazine, Issue Two: November 2015