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Editorial || The CultureCult Manifesto

It is never the right time. The right time is as we speak.

Born in a society where there is no dearth of inherently good individuals striving to push the collective human race towards a higher state of cultural consciousness, CultureCult is yet another drop in the vast ocean of concepts that are designed with a view as polysemous as they come.

We have no more sense of what the future holds for us than the nameless author of the Altamira cave-painting who set out to depict a lively bison in all her natural, artistic grace.

We wish to be no more than a platform of expression, kindling the spark of creative inspiration like a black canvas of a dark cave wall in some timeless era.

Politically skeptic, thematically indulgent, socially extrovert and theologically ’open’, CultureCult is a tangible extension of the modern thinking mind that is yet to define itself within the structural confines of a predetermined –ism.

We intend to be a ceaseless work-in-progress that will both strive to attain perfection and know in its heart of hearts that perfection is not something that can be achieved or sustained as easily as working towards it with a faithless heart.

The leap is to have faith in the written word.

There is no better time to take the leap.

– The CultureCult Team

First Published: CultureCult Magazine, Issue One: October 2015