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Daily Archives: October 15, 2015

Feature || ISIS & The Art of Culture Cleansing

Perhaps the most lasting aspect of factional terrorism is the amount of cultural genocide it inflicts, which not only scar a few generations but has a cumulative effect on the lives of every single future generation too. It this this deranged desire to rewrite history

Feature || FTII, Presidency & The Culture of Dissent

Expressing dissent, voicing one’s dissatisfaction has not only been a part and parcel of democracy but one of the very foundations of its existence. Throughout history, instances such as those in France circa 1968 or Bangladesh (Shahbag) only a year ago have consolidated the notion

Feature || The Rosogolla Affair

It has been a whooping 147 years since Nabin Chandra Das supposedly came up with the deceptively simple idea of letting dumplings of cottage cheese simmer in a pool of sugary syrup to give birth to a dessert. It is 2015 and that dessert by

Opinion || The Celebration of Mediocrity

“It’s a disease. Nobody thinks or feels or craves anymore; nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfortable little God damn  mediocrity’   – Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road Celebration of mediocrity is no sin; it is, as expounded by Mr. Yates, but a

Editorial || The CultureCult Manifesto

It is never the right time. The right time is as we speak. Born in a society where there is no dearth of inherently good individuals striving to push the collective human race towards a higher state of cultural consciousness, CultureCult is yet another drop